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No supplies needed for this fun and engaging lesson on James Rizzi! This Google Slide lesson can be used so many ways:

  • Teach through zoom by presenting your screen and working collaboratively

  • Assign on Google Classroom and allow students to work independently

  • Use in the classroom on smartboard before an art lesson.


This lesson includes a variety of activities that will get your students thinking critically and creatively

  • See Think Wonder activity

  • Compare and Contrast activity

  • Activating prior knowledge on POP ART

  • Drag-And-Drop art lesson within the google slide! Students will have a blast creating their own cityscape inspired by James Rizzi. No supplies and no apps required besides this google slide!



If you are using an LMS other than Google Classroom, please research whether they permit Google Slide assignments or not.

James Rizzi - Digital Interactive Google Slides and Art Lesson


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