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From my classroom to yours - these free resources are located on Google Drive. The "Click to Copy" button will force a copy onto your own drive - so make sure you're logged into the account you'd prefer. I hope your students enjoy them as much as mine have! - Emily 

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Choice Board

Google Slides

This choice board is ready to assign to students in Google Classroom - and most activities require NO SUPPLIES and a reflection form is included in the slides themselves. You'll find drawing tutorials for many internet-based art programs, youtube art history videos, found object challenges, and more! It's also fully editable.

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PDF Coloring Sheet

Printable coloring page for art fun anywhere! We recommend printing on a laser printer and scaling to fit the page. 

Copy of Style Challenge (1).jpg

Style Challenge

Google Slides

Slideshow with compiled images of the drawing #stylechallenge

Great for upper elementary, middle, and highschool students. 


Google Keep Headers

Google Slides

You can use these rainbow Google Keep headers to help keep your school year organized. 51 are included, plus a template so you can make your own. 


Welcome Screen

Google Slides

Whether you are in a Zoom or a classroom, this Google Slide will welcome your students and give them important information. 

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PDF Coloring Sheet

Printable coloring page for art fun anywhere!

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T-Shirt Design

Google Slides Art Lesson

Need a fun and easy art lesson that works in person and via distance learning? Try this t-shirt design lesson. My middle schoolers loved creating a unique shirt on but you can also download a printable included in the file.

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 11.29.31

VTS Template

Google Slides

Just add a picture to this template and facilitate critical thinking and close reading with your students through VTS.


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