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The Art Token Response activity has gone digital with this interactive Google Slide! It contains 25 works of art and four tokens:

  • Art You Love
  • Art You Dislike
  • Art You Think Is Worth THE MOST
  • Art that Confuses You


You can assign it to students individually on Google Classroom or present it to the class collaboratively on Zoom/Meet or a Smartboard. A second slide is included with color coded tokens so you can also break students into groups of 4 and assign them a color to use so they can respond on the same board.


Looking for more? A more concise version of this activity is included with 35 MORE digital interactive activities in my back to school Getting To Know You Interactive Journal!


You are purchasing a PDF file with a link to this document on Google Drive. You will also find instructions for assigning it on Google Classroom. If you are using an LMS other than Google Classroom, please research whether they permit Google Slide assignments or not.


Art Token Response Digital Interactive Google Slides with 25 works of art


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